Some progression Photos of my New “Elvira” Painting (still a work in progress)

What’s up party people! This is my new artist blog where I will be sharing my creative process. For those not familiar with me or my work you can visit my official website at For this new painting, I wanted to come up with something really cool for Comikaze Expo this Halloween weekend of 2015.  I will be appearing there selling my art prints and merchandise at my booth.  But more importantly, Elvira will be one of the celebrity attendees there.  I’ve been a super fan of Elvira since I was a kid.  I used to watch her “Movie Macabre” TV show religiously every Saturday night growing up, and she has been a huge influence to my art all my life.  When finished, I intend to give her a printed copy at the expo and get a photo op to add to my celebrity pics on my website.  Can’t Wait! Bucket list. CHECK! Lately I’ve been intrigrating an old master style of painting called “The Grisaille Technique”.  This involves first doing an under painting of sepia tones before beginning the real color. Check out some of the progression below. Next post will be the finished product. Thanks for reading and be sure to visit the “store” page on my website: and pick yourself up some of my art prints! Until next time…



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