Check Out My New Painting Series in Progress


YO! hey party people! I wanted to share this new art series I’ve been working on with you…. I’ve been really becoming a fan of listening to 1920’s/30’s/40’s music while I paint in the last few years, It always inspires me while I’m working and keeps making my art fun, creative and upbeat.  I’ve been an enthusiast of a lot of things from that era gradually actually. So naturally (haha) I got an idea this year to do a series of paintings about my very own completely imagined 1930’s carnival freakshow caravan, complete with circus character backgrounds, blatant sexual innuendo, and both religious and hallucinogenic undertones. Here is the first 4 completed of the series below. Hope you enjoy! 
1) “The Demon Barker of Freak Street”
2) “Sadie the Tattooed Lady & Pedo the Pinhead”
3) “The Great Stupini & His Willing Assistant”
4) “The Mystical Madam Mina & Tosso the Puro Payaso”

More to come soon!
Check out my website for more of my art!






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