My photo wrap up of Phoenix Comic Con 2016

Thought I’d share some pics from Phoenix Comic Con 2016. What a fun weekend! Here are some photos during the show.  Enjoy!  My next show will be at SuperToyCon Las Vegas this August. Check my website for details


Deadpool meeting


My booth


Me and actor Sean Astin (Goonies, Lord of the Rings, Rudy) diggin’ my “Zombie Rudy” painting.  He Tweeted and Instagrammed us! How cool!


Me and actor Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid, My cousin Vinny, Outsiders) diggin’ my “Zombie Karate Kid painting.


Me and actor Tony Todd (Candyman) diggin’ a copy of my Candyman vs. Pooh painting.


Actor Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th) diggin’ a copy of my Jason painting


The entrance to get inside. Wow!


Got to meet my all time favorite horror artist Basil Gogos. He said he liked my art, what an honor!


Some cool zombie props

pat.pngSome Patrick Bateman / American Psycho cosplay. Ha!


I’m Lovin it!


Some Bob’s burger cosplay


Joker and Harley Quinn cosplayers


more Bob’s Burger cosplayers


on the floor


The row my booth was on


Awesome-O from South Park.  Cartman’s my boy!

c2.pngMore on the floor


This one was awesome… Napoleon Dynamite’s brother haha!


Captain America cosplayer

c1.pngmore on the floor


Jack Skellington cosplayer

m3.pngMy booth

m4.pngMe and my stepson Ryan walking the floor


Judge Dredd cosplayer


Oh yeahhh!!!! Macho Man cosplayer


Me and the misses


Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Stormtrooper cosplayer




Woody and Buzz


More Stormtroopers


and that’s a wrap! It’s been real Phoenix! Catch ya next time









Check Out My New Painting Series in Progress


YO! hey party people! I wanted to share this new art series I’ve been working on with you…. I’ve been really becoming a fan of listening to 1920’s/30’s/40’s music while I paint in the last few years, It always inspires me while I’m working and keeps making my art fun, creative and upbeat.  I’ve been an enthusiast of a lot of things from that era gradually actually. So naturally (haha) I got an idea this year to do a series of paintings about my very own completely imagined 1930’s carnival freakshow caravan, complete with circus character backgrounds, blatant sexual innuendo, and both religious and hallucinogenic undertones. Here is the first 4 completed of the series below. Hope you enjoy! 
1) “The Demon Barker of Freak Street”
2) “Sadie the Tattooed Lady & Pedo the Pinhead”
3) “The Great Stupini & His Willing Assistant”
4) “The Mystical Madam Mina & Tosso the Puro Payaso”

More to come soon!
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NEW! Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling by: Mike Vanderhoof / King Mike V

Finished my new Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling painting! I guess that’s the PG description cuz I decided on a better title: “Cock & Rod” HA! … (progression pics in a prior blog post below) As a huge fan growing up watching reruns of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour TV show and the legendary Twilight Zone, I put quite a few winks to the audience of subject matter that were featured in some of the more famous episodes of each. I’m tempted to reveal them here, but that’s what makes it fun for fellow fans, A little scavenger hunt so to speak. I don’t want to spoon feed them to people who wouldn’t care much in the first place. The original is FOR SALE, just contact me here on my website: or you can purchase original canvas prints, cell phone cases, pillows, shower curtains, or whatever your dark heart desires on my store page HERE!  Thanks for reading! I have a lot of new commissioned pieces coming soon for comic book covers, album covers, and conventions, so make sure you sign up for my blog updates and social media posts on the top right of this menu (or the bottom of this page if you’re on your smart phone)



cock and rod web

My “Scare L.A. Horror Convention 2015” vendor photo and video re-cap

What’s up party people! Last August 8th and 9th I did my first Scare L.A. Convention in Pasadena, Ca, and I gotta say it was definitely the most fun convention I’ve done in years.  The energy was through the roof with all the vendors and patrons who visited, and everyone collectively turned it into one of the best shows I’ve ever been a part of.  These comic and horror conventions I’ve been doing this year always put my past tattoo convention ones to shame.  Instead of undeserved egos and negative shit-talking among the tattoo circuit, these shows are full of people that show up to have nothing but a good time and enjoy everyone’s collective company. I met a ton of cool people and new contacts and sold a ton of merchandise. I will definitely be back next year. Watch the cool walk-through video below (I’m at the 6:55 minute mark) and big shout outs to Corpsy from Girls and Corpses Magazine for interviewing me, and Tamara Jones from for always helping me learn the ropes at these new shows.  Enjoy the pics and vid below and thanks for reading!  Next stop: Stan Lee & Elvira’s Comikaze Expo this Halloween weekend 2015. See you there!

My booth at the 6:55 minute mark at this walk through video:

flyer pasadena2 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Some progression photos of my New “Alfred Hitchcock / Rod Serling” Painting (still a work in progress)

I began work on a new painting this week.  As a lifelong horror fan, I wanted to pay homage with my art to the classic TV shows “The Twilight Zone” and “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour”.  More specifically, to pay homage to two of the most brilliant writer/directors of all time: Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock. I already have an appropriate title for this one, “Cock and Rod” (haha).  I’m going to do this entire one in black and white, just like the classic TV shows, with elements of famous episodes in both the background and foreground that will be a nod to fans of the shows.  Really excited about this one. Thanks for reading! Ok, back to my easel. Stay tuned and DON’T STOP!

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