Some recent sketchbook drawings

I’m a pretty restless person by nature. I always have all my burners cooking at once. So when I’m in between paintings, managing my sales sites, or promoting my art online, sometimes I like to randomly doodle in my sketchbook. I know most artists like to use their sketchbooks for subject studies and a separate tool to keep their skills sharpened, but I like to use mine as a means of escape. This usually inevitably leads to a more whimsical and less serious side of my art. Here a few recent sketches. I just started a new painting the other day which I will begin posting progression pics soon. Until then, Enjoy and thanks for reading. As always, “DON’T STOP”.

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Completed pic – (NEW!) Elvira by: Mike Vanderhoof

All finished! Thanks for watching the progression. I’m really happy with how this one came out. I’ve been painting on Masonite (particle wood board) a lot lately as opposed to canvas.  As long as you get a nice white gesso base coat, I think the colors come out a lot more vibrant. Not to mention using the “Grisaille Technique” as of late has really begun to make my work pop more than in recent years, which I’m very proud of. I find it’s also more difficult to get a good digital photo after painting on canvas. There always seems to have the grid pattern of canvas texture appearing in the digital pics as opposed to 35mm film. Also, as far as cost, there is no comparison. If you are a painter I’m sure you are well aware how pricey artist canvas can be, and usually are only available in standard stock sizes.  That is, unless you purchase canvas off the roll at your local art store and cut it to size, but then you are forced to make your own wood framing to staple it to which, to me, is unnecessary and fucking tedious. I don’t have the time or the patience.  Just grab yourself a 4’x8′ sheet of Masonite from Home Depot for only $8, and have them cut you some nice panel boards for 30 cents a cut.  Dirt Cheap and a better finished look.  But I digress.  Also you’ll notice below, Elvira herself was kind enough to give it a “favorite” on Twitter. Can’t wait to give her a print copy this October at the Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles. I’m still awaiting my booth #.  The original is FOR SALE at this moment… you can contact me on my website to purchase at  Prints are also available for $10 on my “store” page.  Until next time….. DON’T STOP!

Elvira WEB


comikaze flyer

Some progression Photos of my New “Elvira” Painting (still a work in progress)

What’s up party people! This is my new artist blog where I will be sharing my creative process. For those not familiar with me or my work you can visit my official website at For this new painting, I wanted to come up with something really cool for Comikaze Expo this Halloween weekend of 2015.  I will be appearing there selling my art prints and merchandise at my booth.  But more importantly, Elvira will be one of the celebrity attendees there.  I’ve been a super fan of Elvira since I was a kid.  I used to watch her “Movie Macabre” TV show religiously every Saturday night growing up, and she has been a huge influence to my art all my life.  When finished, I intend to give her a printed copy at the expo and get a photo op to add to my celebrity pics on my website.  Can’t Wait! Bucket list. CHECK! Lately I’ve been intrigrating an old master style of painting called “The Grisaille Technique”.  This involves first doing an under painting of sepia tones before beginning the real color. Check out some of the progression below. Next post will be the finished product. Thanks for reading and be sure to visit the “store” page on my website: and pick yourself up some of my art prints! Until next time…